Friday, January 1, 2016

Broadcasting Your Life's Messages

I believe we are here to be messengers for God. We are megaphones, created to communicate.

The lives we are living are broadcasting messages to the world around us. Messages to our children, our friends, and everyone we come into contact with. Whether we speak or not, how we choose to experience life sends a message to all those around us about what is possible to experience in this realm.

If we talk about our ideals, but continue on in a state of frustration, closed off, overwhelmed, going from crisis to crisis, with a feeling of "nose to the grindstone"... then we will actually be broadcasting the message to our children that in this life there is no victory, there is no lasting peace, there is no real freedom.

If we continue in a state of unease, lack of attention to self, unforgiving, just getting by, clutching on, squeezing through, forcing a way... then we will broadcast that God's power doesn't actually exist in this realm, that stewardship of self and others is only idealistic, and that improvement must give way to basic survival.

What we are believing internally will manifest externally. Another way to look at it... what we are actually experiencing in life is a good indicator of what is going on internally.

"Your outer world is an expression of your inner world." ~ Ester Vermillion

So. What are you believing? What is the message? What are you broadcasting? And is the message that everyone around you is feeling and hearing what you want your life to be about?

If not, find out why. As this year begins, take stock. Look deep. Find someone you trust to process with. Acknowledge what's really going on internally. Only then, when you own it, can you move forward and create something different.

Because the truth is... we were created to thrive.

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Veda Anderson said...

God bless you! What an encouragement you are!!! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule and caring for another! Sharing your experience will help so many others! Love you much!