Saturday, July 2, 2016

Where We Are Right Now: The smash-up of our life

The smash-up of it all sometimes leaves me in a tizzy. I want to cuss. Then I send myself to my room to huff oils, pray, and gather. And then I'm ok. "It's ok... I'm ok... Breeeeeaathe....."

In any given day I could dancing between so many things...

  • I could be looking in the eyes of my small, wise one as she processes a new concept and needs my attention to validate it's importance.
  • Then I could be answering the call of a friend who's ready for wellness in their home and wants to know how to start with essential oils.
  • Then I could be working with an in country contact to plan a specific act of service for our upcoming Globalife Journeys trip.
  • Or I could be doing anyone of the mundane things that motherhood is about... the fabric of existence that IS life.

It's a dancing of things I'm passionate about. It's a whirlwind that I sometimes cuss  & cry about, and other times scream in ridiculous excitement about. It's a creation HE and we made... beautiful, messy, and constantly expanding.

(We're running a non-profit, building a full-time business, and managing life with little ones. What the h*** was I thinking??)

We recently sat down with the Globalife Journeys board and clarified some things. Globalife, our humanitarian non-profit, is growing, but it could use so much more of us. It could become a HUGE impact.

But it needs our attention.

The next thing that became clear.... The growth of our doTERRA buisness will dramatically affect our ability to pay attention to and expand our non-profit, Globalife. The residual income that doTERRA will provide will allow Kenneth to come home and allow us to do exponentially more in multiple arenas. In additional to that, the actual work that IS doTERRA is life-changing and liberating. It IS what we are about... freedom, empowerment, liberation, impact.

And so... our course is clear. Continue to build doTERRA. And show everyone around us the ability that this buisness has to create a path to financial freedom and impact for their family.

So I ask... would you be open to joining us in our effort? Explore what doTERRA can offer you in terms of financial liberation or on-going wellness. In so doing, you will also help us and Globalife.

If residual income and financial freedom is something you want, and you are passionate about impacting the lives of others, then I want to talk to you asap. We're looking to work closely with passionate, purpose-driven leaders who want more in life. Get in touch with me. Let's explore it.

If none of those...but you're able to come watch our girls so we can build, then awesome! Or you just want to throw a hard-working, visionary momma some love, then fabulous! We're on a mission... it's happening. And we're loving the messy, tizzy of it all.

Even if we fall apart and cuss now and then while it's happening.

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