Thursday, August 18, 2016

Collaborative "Wolf Pack" Business

Oh, I just love how she says it... “This business leverages the energy of an age where we need it most. We are moving from an archetypal ‘I’ to ‘we’ and network marketing or, as I call it, ‘collaborative business,’ provides a framework and opportunity for the lone wolf to join the wolf pack. Together, we rise.” - Tara Bliss, doTERRA Diamond Collaborative Business. Energy. It feels like community on a mission. Going somewhere together. Rising up and creating something that feels deep, real, impactful... transformational. Powerful. That's the culture we're building. A life where we are both home with our children while they are still young and when they need us most. A life where we are free to go, free to live, and travel with Globalife as much as we would like, while still having a home base. A life that flows, doing different things every day, not confined by "work hours", cubicle walls, or bill due dates. A life where are business feels like community, and our "work" feels like ministry. A life where our collaborative business brings that same freedom and empowerment to many, many others. We are rising through doTERRA. And we are looking others who want to rise too. That's the beauty of collaborative business... we get to rise together. If you're like us, and ready to create a business that feels like freedom, then contact us. Let's join forces and do it together! It's a brand new world. Every morning we wake up with an opportunity to begin again. What if what you were creating today was harnessing the power of community and the energy of the wolf pack to create transformation for not only your family, but hundreds of other families? Oh yeah, Baby. I'M IN.

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