Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Wanted: International Business Builder and Team Leader

Leadership Position Opening

If you have a strong drive to DO MORE in life, then this position may be perfect for you!

We have a key leadership position available in our organization. It is one where you will work closely with my husband and I and you will begin with a team already in existence. This business is amazing, flexible, enriching, rewarding, challenging, boundary-breaking, fulfilling.

Our business is about empowering families and individuals to live more abundantly. You will feel excited and challenged as you create financial and time freedom for yourself and others. Are you interested in a life where the “bills” are taken care of and you get to spend more time doing what you love and are passionate about?

We have become very clear on our mission to create financial independence for ourselves and others, and do more in humanitarian efforts internationally. Are you interested in joining a team who is about abundance and global impact?

·         Self-motivated. Derives power from within.
·         Positive Attitude. See the brighter side.
·         Self-Confident. Believes in his/her abilities.
·         Initiates. A self-starter.
·         Teachable. Willing to learn and personally develop.


Flexible hours, but an average of 20 per week. Fluency in Spanish is strongly desired. Contact us for clear expectations. If this sounds like you, please contact us today! Time is of the essence and this position will be filled soon.

Createhopeoils @ gmail .com

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