Monday, August 21, 2017

Getting Clear on What Matters

"What you do simply proves what you believe." - Simon Sinek

I've been getting really clear about what matters to me.

It's so helpful to really dig deep and find that out because if we're not careful, we could fill our days with things that don't really reflect what we truly care about, and what we're here to create. We get caught up in so many things. And then we can end up spinning our wheels for days or years in areas that don't actually align with our greater purpose.

And that just feels like wandering around in mud. As fun as that can be sometimes, most often I'd prefer some nice clean traction. ;)

So here's me practicing some clarity for myself.

I really care about the big picture.
I believe He gives us access to thriving.
I believe that when we find our way to thriving, we are better able to operate fully in and fulfill our higher purposes and callings.
I believe I'm here to find my thriving and to help others find their thriving.
I believe in a future where the light is getting brighter, where families are operating at higher and higher levels, and where joy, peace, and excitement are daily experiences.
I believe that joy and flourishing is available to us all in every single moment, should we choose it.
And I'm looking for people who believe that same thing and have set their course to find it and help others find it.

Because of what I believe, I chose doTERRA as my business. It is an incredibly effective tool to facilitate flourishing in any family. It is the most amazing organization I've ever seen for assisting us in finding and expanding our emotional, mental, physical, and financial health. It is now a 4 million member social movement, led by an incredible team of leaders, that is moving families into freedom on a global scale.

Because of what we believe, we chose Action Church as the faith-based community we could link arms with to inspire life change. We are so incredibly honored to be a part of this vision. We have never been a part of a more healthy, well-balanced, ego-less, mission-focused church leadership team.

If you believe similarly to how I believe, then I invite you to bring your gifts and talents to the table in whatever way you choose. Create, inspire, encourage, build up, restore, renew, and cultivate freedom.

If you live in the Central Florida area, I invite you to come visit Action Church and get involved. It might just change your life.

If you want to engage in a business that practically facilitates flourishing, then come link arms with us in doTERRA. It might just change your life.

My life has been changed, and still is changing. All of this is already happening. The mission is clear and the train is moving fast.
NOW is the time to get involved.

Can you envision your community, your friends, your city, rising in it's ability to flourish? Can you envision families experiencing more wellbeing, joy, peace, and excitement on a daily basis? Can you imagine yourself coming alive, flourishing, and impacting the world around you in a magnificent way? If you can, then it's time to become a part of it in some way. It's time to facilitate thriving.

Don't wait for "them" to do it. It starts with you.

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